5. Indefinite article


In spanish, nouns usually are preceded by an article. There are 6 types of articles and we will study all of them in this course, but only 2 of them in this beginner level. These are the types:

  • Indefinite

  • Definite

  • Numeral

  • Demonstrative

  • Possessive

  • Interrogative and exclamative

Remember the article like the nouns follows the gender (m/f) and number (s/p) rules.


Indefinite article

We use articles to "point" or "select" a noun, for example you say "a car", it means you are talking about a car in a general way, can be this car or another, it doesn't matter which one, in this case you use an indefinite article.

To see the difference, let's explain the opposite, if you say "the car", it mens you are talking about one particular car, this is another case called definite article.

This are the indefinite articles:


Let see now an examples of use:

un perro
unos perros
a dog, some dogs
una silla
unas sillas
a chair, some chairs

Remember that if you have a mixed group of males and females you have to use the male plural form, for example in the next case, if you have 1 "niño" and 1 "niña" you have to say "unos niños".

un niño
unos niños
a child (m), some children (m/f)
una niña
unas niñas
a child (f), some children (f)


bear = oso

cow = vaca