40. Alcoholic beverages (Bebidas alcoholicas)


Spanish vocabulary: Alcoholic beverages

alcohol sound alcohol
graduación (alcoholica) sound alcohol content
vino sound wine
vino blanco sound white wine
vino rosado sound rosé wine
vino tinto sound red wine
cerveza (rubia) sound (lager) beer
cerveza negra sound dark beer
cerveza de barril sound draught beer
cerveza sin alcohol sound alcohol-free beer
vodka sound vodka
güisqui, whisky sound whisky
ginebra sound gin
ron sound rum
tequila sound tequila
brandy, coñac sound brandy
orujo sound Spanish strong liquor distilled from gra
aguardiente sound liquor, brandy
licor sound liquor
sangría sound sangria (type of red wine punch)
champán sound champagne
cava sound champagne (spanish)
cóctel sound cocktail
calimocho sound mixture of wine and cola

uncle = tío

grapefruit = pomelo